Anybody knows anything about Thumbtuck?
Well, I'm on it now!
Margherita Tisato Make up Art


Daisy's wedding

Here are some pics from Daisy's wedding.
She was a lovely bride!
I did makeup on her and the entire bridal party, while my friend Erica at Pin Me Up Hair did hair on everybody.
It was a hell of a long day, but was it worth it? Yes!


Guadalupe Furisode

Beatrice Schleyer is not only a great photographer, she also happens to be very Hot.



This would be me, in my make up, air and photography by my adored Beatrice Schelyer

Bridal Make up

Some samples of Bridal make up.
Although I've only started doing this a couple of years ago, I found out that it is extremely rewarding to be part of a bride's day.
Sometimes it can be stressful, sometimes it's happy and smooth, but definitely there is an energy and an excitement that stays with me after the event, and that maks me proud of being part of their day!


Larisa Dolina for OK Magazine Russia

Here is one of the images Willie Davis shot of Russian singer/actress Larisa Dolina when we worked together in NYC.
Thanks to both for being such amazing and hard workers!


An edit of the Apnea shoot I had not posted anywhere yet.
Photography Beatrice V Schleyer.